Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Contact: Danny Bloom (reporter.bloom@gmail.com)


contact: Danny Bloom, Polar Cities Research Institute

email: reporter.bloom@gmail.com

IN YEAR 2121 or 2499 A.D.

A lone blogger far off the radar of the mainstream media is calling for the establishment of polar cities for survivors of global warming in the far distant future. Danny Bloom, an American writer based in Asia since 1991, created a series of blogs and websites detailing his ideas in 2007, and the blogosphere has been commenting pro and con ever since.

However, the mainstream media still remains wary of reporting on Bloom's ideas, which he says are not predictions but mere speculation. He calls his polar cities project a non-threatening thought experiment.

Reaction has ranged from serious consideration by climate scientists to a note from James Lovelock, the respected British scientist ("Thanks, Danny, for showing me the images. It may very well happen and soon.").

Bloom's polar cities blogs and images have also been ridicyled online on various blogs and websites, where some critics have called the idea of polar cities "ludicrous" and "absured". Others have compared the polar cities images Bloom commissioned from an artist in Taiwan to Habitrail tubes for pet gerbils, with one wag calling Bloom's ideas "Gerbil City". Another blogger characterized Bloom's thought experiment as "Mad Max Meets The Road".

Bloom says he remains undeterred and committed to blogging about polar cities for the rest of his life. He says his work has two goals: one is to present the idea of polar cities as an adaptation strategy for global warming if worst comes to worst; the other is to use the images of polar cities to goad people into becoming more aware of what climate change is all about and how it might very well change the face of human civilization unless dramatic actions are taken now to mitigate global warming.

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